Frontline and
Leadership Positions.
30+ Years working experience of the founders.

We are experts in the humanitarian sphere with decades of experience in crisis situations

The HUMAN'Sup training offers include specialized training for students and junior professionals as well as for experienced professionals looking to advance their careers.

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Humanitarian Leader & Innovator

Papa Kysma Sylla, the CEO and Founder of HUMAN'Sup, has a distinguished career in humanitarian work, including a decade with UNHCR. His leadership at HUMAN'Sup combines academic rigor with practical experience to prepare future humanitarian leaders. He has managed extensive programs across various countries, focusing on both immediate relief and long-term resilience. His vision for HUMAN'Sup is to educate and inspire the next generation of humanitarian leaders.

Papa Kysma Sylla HUMAN'Sup, Founder & CEO

Three Steps for Online Master Class Success.

Master Class Selection

Choose an online master class that aligns with your interests and learning goals

Preparation and Organization

Ensure you have the necessary tools to follow the course and organize your schedule accordingly.

Active Participation

Engage in live sessions, complete assignments, and participate in activities for a rewarding learning experience.